Here are a number of resources that I enjoy or use on a regular basis. I hope that you find them helpful as well!


As a Mama Bear I am always looking for safe and healthy products for my family! Earthley is a company that I LOVE! Their mission, their products, their price! Everything about them is wonderful! They offer high quality and AFFORDABLE products that promote well-being. I highly recommend that you check them out and consider adding some of their items into your health and home routine!

The Good and the Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum

I love the Good and the Beautiful Homeschooling Curriculum. Their lessons are clear, concise, and easy to teach! What is more is that they are beautifully illustrated, fun, and engaging for my children! We love using their resources as a part of our schooling adventure!

No Greater Joy Ministries

My family appreciates the resources offered on this site. While we do not align ourselves or agree 100% with the Pearls or their teachings, we choose to “chew the meat and spit out the bones”. We appreciate the basic foundations taught in their “To train up a child” series and I have used some of the principles with great success through my motherhood journey.

Heidi Songs

My children (and I) LOVE the Heidi Songs! They do a great job making learning FUN and Entertaining! I appreciate that they encourage MOVEMENT and GLOBAL learning! You can check them out for free on YouTube!

Preschool Prep

For days when I just don’t have time to sit down and work through lessons, Preschool Prep videos are an easy go-to. I enjoy the engaging videos and how quickly the children learn their letters, phonics, and sight words.


I greatly appreciate the resources that HSLDA offers for homeschoolers. They have a great “getting started with homeschooling” series that I have found to be very helpful in our homeschooling journey.