Mama Bear's Guide to Beautiful Living Mama Bear

  • Mama Bear shares seven steps she has found that help her live a beautiful life. 20 pages
  • 21 pages

Beautiful Love Mama Bear

  • Beautiful Love is an encouraging book that shares Mama Bear's love story as well as practical tips she has learned along the way to help keep the love fires burning!
  • 46 pages

Reflections from the Heart- a Book of Poetry Mama Bear

  • Mama Bear is excited to share with you a small collection of poetry written by Mama Bear. Catch a glimpse of her life, passion, and love as you explore these reflections from her heart. 57 pages Reflections from the Heart includes the following sections: Meditations, Family and Friends, Outdoor Spirit, Lighthouses and Such, as well as Seasons and the Weather. Titles in this book of poetry include "The Dream", "Houses of Glass", "My Treasure", "What is the Word", "The Loon" and so many more!

    Samples of Poetry

    The Miracle of Lambing

    Lambing has started.

    Spring time is here.

    Bleating is heard

    the time draws near.

    A little time passes,

    and then a little time more.

    Here it comes!

    The fluid out pours.

    First to emerge,

    a nose,

    then an ear.

    Very soon the whole of the lamb shall appear.

    There he is.

    Lick him off!

    Clean him up.

    Take a breath.

    Another heave,

    Another sigh.

    She pants some more.

    Her bleating shows time is nigh.

    Another nose,

    and then again,

    The little lamb enters

    a small wet mass.

    A little ewe.

    She is so wet.

    Lick her off.

    Clean her up.

    All in the night

    Under the silent stars,

    Time stands still.

    Life is on pause.

    A miracle happened

    While I was asleep.

    Even if it is

    Just the birth of twin sheep.


    Wafting on the breeze

    Mysterious fog rolls in

    All is still and calm.

    Note from Mama Bear:

    It is my true hope that this book of poetry is a blessing to you on your motherhood journey. I wrote this book over many years and I am so thankful to finally have it ready to present and share. While poetry may not be everyone's favorite, it holds a special place in my heart. I hope that you can take a moment to sit and enjoy this book of poetry with a cup of tea and catch of glimpse of the Reflections from my heart!

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  • 56 pages