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Just another snowy day.

The children all run out to play.

Snowmen, Sleds, loads of fun

They learn to play with everyone.

The snowflakes swirl around and round.

The drifts pile higher on the ground.

The wind blows cold, their cheeks are pink.

Time for them to come in I think.

Come all in and warm up with tea

Lets read books all snuggly.

My heart could not feel any more blessed

As in my arms they calmly rest.

I knows time quickly will pass

They will grow and this won’t last.

I look at each face, sleepy with delight.

I hold them close and squeeze them tight.

Just one more hug, just one more kiss,

Just one more perfect moment like this.

Fall asleep now, down you lay…

I’m thankful for this snowy day.

Snowy Day
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