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Last night, my Jersey Woolie doe started building her nest. I was thrilled and amazed as I watched her! Talk about the ultimate up cycle!

She started shredding hay into smaller pieces, then she added them to her hiding hole (a repurposed trash can). She added bunny fur and bits of shredded cardboard. It was amazing to watch!

In all my years of breeding and raising rabbits, I had never caught the “nest building” in the act! It was amazing to see… How each mouthful was so carefully arranged… Without the use of hands!

It amazed me… Not sure exactly why… Maybe the uniqueness of it, or the excitement? But it was as if I were watching a small miracle unfold… A tiny rabbit forming a lovely nest with seemingly no direction… Wow…

So now I am waiting (and trying to be patient) to see if she builds more or if tonight we have bunnies! I’ll try to keep you all posted!