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Today I am going to share with you a great educational resource that can help you pursue a healthier life. Ever wondered what it would be like to live off-grid? What you can do to better prepare your family during these crazy days in which we live? How would you even start homesteading? Well, wonder no more!

A Hidden Ozark Treasure

Deep in the Ozarks in a small town called Wasola live an incredible family and a fun off-grid adventure- The Fitzpatrick Family Farm! Several years ago they started their homestead and it has grown into a wonderful teaching tool for others! The family offers homesteading advice from REAL experience! The education center showcases a 12×12 pallet cabin and a micro-homestead… it is AMAZING to see in and experience in person!

Homestead Education

The Fitzpatrick Family offers in person mini off-grid homestead stays (AND they have a wood fire SAUNA!) as well preparedness classes and wellness coaching. They have a wonderful little roadside stand that operates on the honor system and holds lots of delicious goodies (and plenty of firewood!).

The Biggest thing that they offer though, is HOPE. Goose and Gillian are real people. They accept people where they are at. They help those sincerely desiring to learn more discover ways to change and improve their lives.

In my opinion, it is important to note how the Fitzpatricks often use their own life experiences to help others. They don’t just say “go do this” they show how it works by being a living example! There is a reason they are qualified to teach these classes! They have seen HOW it works in their own lives first!

Their classes share ways to physically, mentally, and spiritually prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead. They offer simple changes- like their Ten steps to Healing– as well as bigger projects and lifestyle advice (getting out of debt, building a mini green house, and year round gardening).

An Amazing Adventure at an Affordable Price!

One thing I truly appreciate is the Fitzpatrck Family’s generosity. For all they offer, they could truly charge so much more… but they don’t! They believe that the experiences they share should be affordable to others. Because of this, staying at their off-grid cabin is only $20-30/night… classes are only an additional $10 per person… really- what an amazing deal!

What’s more is that all of their roadside goodies are also affordably priced and ABSOLUTELY delicious! I have enjoyed every single one of Gillian’s wood fire stove baked treats and gourmet chocolates that I have tried… and their fresh produce is always high quality!

In Closing

If you happen to live in the Ozarks, be sure to stop by or sign up for a class! If you are planning to visit the area, be sure to schedule a stay in the micro homestead! Want to know more about homesteading and how you can take steps to succeed? Go to their classes! It is worth it! I know if our path takes us to the Ozarks again, the Fitzpatrick Family Farm will definitely be one of our first and favorite stops!

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Toni · November 24, 2022 at 6:04 am

I couldn’t have said it better myself. We have learned so much from their sharing and teachings. And we thank God for them.

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