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No longer will I apologize for lengthy absence.

Life has been busy. My children and family come first. Homestead animals and gardens, friends- these are second… And my own passions and pursuits are at the bottom of the list.

We have had a busy summer caring for a small garden and helping family through some tough situations. We’ve been trying to make progress on our home… And I built an outhouse.

We discovered that I am pregnant recently and my exhaustion and nausea has made moment by moment my motto the past few weeks. But it is beautiful… And we are blessed.

There will always be a need for more…

More time, more money, more provisions…

But that can’t stop us from living in the now. How can we better live each moment for what it is?

I’ve done a lot of thinking and reflecting in y absence. No apologies… I needed time. I don’t know what the future holds, but in this moment I am present.

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