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It is still early, but I feel that I must write this post as a way to help validate life. Two weeks ago, my husband and I found out that we are expecting a new baby this Fall! The journey to conception has been tough. Losing our Firebrand was a huge blow and we are still in the process of healing… but finding we were expecting again seemed to help heal a bit of the ache. So today, I am validating life through this post.

Finding out was exciting, scary, thrilling, and terrifying all at the same time! I was nervous to tell anyone as it seemed too good to be true. I was scared that by telling anyone I would somehow put this baby at risk… it seems stupid now, but in the moment, it was truly how I felt. So we talked together and prayed together… and laid this baby’s life back in the Father’s hands.

I can say that I honestly have peace and look forward to meeting this little one! If the worst happens, we know the Father is in control. Some people may ask why we decided to tell people now “so early” before we were “in the safe zone”… truth is we have learned you are NEVER in the safe zone. With Firebrand we we 13 weeks when we lost the baby… we were “safe”… nothing “should have” happened… but it did. Firecracker we lost at 9-10 weeks. Fireberry at 6 weeks. Firedrop at 5 weeks. It is never “safe”… Life is not guaranteed.

That is why I titled this post “validating life”. We choose to tell everyone as soon as we can after we get a positive pregnancy test. To us, this is a way to help validate the life within my womb. If I hide or ignore my baby’s existence, how can I be showing them unconditional love? I may only have a few weeks with this tiny life… but I want to live those weeks to the fullest- enjoying and wrapping them in as much love as I possibly can!

Life is short. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We don’t know what lies ahead. Each day, each moment I have is a gift. I want to embrace the life I have with all the passion, peace, and love that I can. I want to show each of my children daily that I love them unconditionally… even my unborn baby.

So we choose to validate life. We are thankful for each moment we have with this baby. We trust YHWH with this baby’s life. For each and every moment we have… and we look forward to holding Baby Fireflower (prayerfully) this Fall!

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