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My little girl is three now…

It seems like yesterday.

She can climb a tree now…

And hugs me everyday.

“I juss love my mama”

She exclaims excitedly.

It makes my heart beat wild with joy

And I hug her tenderly.

She is such a good helper

Just like her bigger sis

But she still has sweet little cuddles

And the tiny baby girl kiss.

My little girl is three now…

Where has the time flown by?

It seems like yesterday you came

Taking your own sweet time.

Your birth was something special…

Surrounded with family, friends.

I remember songs of worship,

And the lights kept dim.

You kicked me from the inside

You made my stomach whirl

You emerged out within your sack

And your cord we did uncurl.

My little girl is three now…

My sunshine from the start.

My fire bean you’ll always be.

I treasure these memories in my heart.

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