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Hi there! I just wanted to take a quick moment and share a quick cough syrup that has been a big help to our family this past week. Tis the season for colds, coughs, and sickness. My family was hit with sniffles, congestion, and a cough. I headed to the kitchen and mixed up a batch of cough syrup!

I hate when my littles are sick… This recipe was one that my Mama used and I have seen it work so many times. It is simple, easy, and it works!

Honey & Onions

The recipe is very simple. Chop onions (little pieces or thin rings). Place the onions into a sauce pan. Cover the onions with raw honey. Heat on low. Simmer for 20 minutes. Let set 10 minutes. Strain out the onions. Enjoy!

Uses- Beat the Cough!

We use this when the children get a cough. Not only is it healthy, it is tasty too! My children LOVE eating the candied onions as well as the syrup. We give about 1tsp as a dose. It is recommended to NOT use this recipe for children under the age of 1 year.

Why it works

In short, the onions and honey are both antimicrobial. Onions are antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory as well. They are expectorants which help to expel mucus and phlegm. They are a powerhouse combo to help knock the illness out!

In Conclusion

I know this was short, but this is my go-to cough syrup. However, if this is a bit much or you’d like to purchase another great product, head on over to Earthley and check out their cough extract. I hope you find best works for you where you are at!