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I haven’t blogged in ages… it’s time to get back to encouraging and sharing my story with others… I used to, but time has taken its toll… for several years, my family kept a successful blog and ebook store, which turned into a successful vlog- which turned into my worst nightmare!

Why I stopped…

My family is my greatest blessing in life. My children are my priceless pearls. When people started to use our blog and vlog against us and called in CPS for false charges and claims (all of which were dismissed, but only after a horrific 2 month experience), we knew we had to be done and needed to ultimately walk away.

The decision was so hard for me. I loved to minister and share our story. I loved to see how it encouraged others to live life as they are called to… but to go through what we went through- I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. So we walked away.

Why am I back?

But here I am now. I felt the urge to return to blogging. However, I am not here to post photos (yes, I know that will ultimately hurt my stats). I am not here to build an empire (though I will offer merchandise and other things for sale at time… and I may partner with other vendors in the future). I am here to share my stories. I hope they will be encouraging to you. If not, please just move along.

I want to share and encourage you. I want you to see how I struggle and find success… You are not alone in your motherhood journey! I pray this blog blesses you! And as I continue to take my motherhood journey one day at a time, I hope that you will find the courage to do the same!