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I figured that by 10 weeks postpartum I should give an update as to how my journey is going. You can read about the start of my journey HERE. Weight Loss for me has never been easy… and it can become overwhelming when I look at how far I still need to go… but here we are 10 weeks after baby’s birth… Where am I at with postpartum weight loss?

Started Steady

I noticed that at first with my new routine there was a steady weight drop… I lost steadily! I felt good! By 6 weeks post partum I had gone from 272 pounds to 235! That is 37 pounds in 6 weeks! (Ok, yes 20 pounds of that was from baby, LOTS of fluid, and placenta!)

Not only did I shed a lot of water weight, but I felt better overall. I noticed that I have more energy- at least as much as possible with a new born! I also was more excited to be active. But then… it happened…

The Plateau

It was as if overnight my body stopped losing weight. My routine hadn’t changed. I still was decreasing my carb percentage, sticking to my calorie budget, and exercising daily! I had to back off walking due to a week of solid rain, but I’ve started again… I still work out 5-6 times each week. I sleep as much as possible- usually 7 or 8 hours with one or two feedings for baby.

WHAT HAPPENED???? Here I am, 4 weeks later… and the scale hasn’t budged! It is frustrating for sure! Why me? Why can’t my body cooperate? AHHHH!!!!!!

The Evaluation

Once I vented my innumerable frustrations to my husband I stopped to evaluate what has happened in the past month… aside from no weight loss. We started to ask several questions:

  • Has anything changed in my diet? Yes… I had started to add daily protein shakes to help keep my protein intake high. These included whey powder. I had some whey sensitivity issues in the past… had this contributed to my plateau?
  • Has anything changed in my exercise? Yes… I had to take a week off from walking due to steady rain. But I got back to my routine of regular walks…for the past week, but still I am at a plateau.
  • Has anything changed in my sleep? Not really- I still have a newborn 😛 But, if anything, I have had more sleep lately! Baby is giving me a 4-6 hour stretch each night and sometimes twice! So I am getting 7-8 hours every night… but maybe I should try to add in naps?
  • Has anything changed in my stress? Yes :/ there has been an increase in some extended family drama. Nothing that I can control or change… but it is there non-the-less.
  • Has anything changed in my Breastfeeding? NOPE! I have had a good an plenteous supply! I have a happy and growing baby as well as a satisfied toddler! So nothing changed in my milk supply!
  • Has anything changed in my body? Well- yes… I have noticed when I look at monthly comparison pictures there has been some very slight improvement. Maybe a bit tighter here and there… but really nothing drastic visually. I have noticed I can do more with my workouts and that I have a bit more endurance. So maybe there has still been some progress?

The Revised Plan

So what am I doing now? Well, I have removed whey shakes- just in case it is causing inflammation and thus water retention. I have also eliminated dairy aside from hard cheese and butter… can’t hurt to try- right?

I am still walking regularly (4-5 times a week) for 1-2 miles… while carrying an ever growing baby and pushing two toddlers in a stroller! Oh, and add in the dog on leash training and my hands are FULL!

Regarding sleep I am trying to nap a bit more. It is really hard when nap time is my workout time… but I am trying to get a short nap in before my workout and substitute one of my six workout slots a week for a longer nap!

With stress- not much I can do to take away the external stressors… but I am going to try to decrease its affects on my life. Deep breathing, prayer, and intentional release have to be a purposeful addition to my postpartum weight loss routine!

The Take-away

Postpartum weight loss is never easy. Every journey is unique! It is as individual as each of us Mamas are! Don’t give up! Don’t be afraid to try something new! I am determined to not let this plateau get the best of me! I will fight it and find a way to overcome somehow! Only 85 more pounds to my goal weight! Somehow I will get there!