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Happy Hanukkah to each and every one of you! My family LOVES to celebrate Hanukkah and this year is no exception! While we have decided to keep the decorations minimal until we someday own our own home, we still try to make it a memorable time for our little ones! Here are a few ideas I wanted to share with you!

Handprint Hanukkiah Ideas

This one is a lot of fun! I enjoy seeing how each child’s own personality comes out! This project is so easy! You can do it with only crayons, or go all out and paint them! Some of my children used glue and sand for the flames, another chose paint, and another glued pompoms for the flames! I try to gently guide the making of the Hanukkiah and then let them decorate the rest as they desire!

Hanukkiah handprint with pompoms
Hanukkiah handprint with paint ideas
Hanukkiah Handprint with sand

Light the Hanukkiah

For this project I made the Hanukkiah out of some classroom border. I then cut out 9 candles from construction paper. The children pick out a “flame” each night and add it to the Hanukkiah! They have so much fun taking turns and “lighting” it themselves!

Classroom Border Hanukkiah ideas

Banana Hanukkiah

Hanukkah is the festival of lights! We love the hanukkiah which shows how great a light we are when we join together! I had so much fun hearing the giggles as I presented the children with their snack- a hanukkiah banana and dreidel donut (that idea didn’t turn out the greatest… the little helpers smooshed the dreidels! But they are still tasty!)

banana hanukkiah ideas

Happy Hanukkah Ideas!

Happy Hanukkah friends! I will see about adding some more idea posts as we continue throughout Hanukkah! Maybe we will get into Hanukkah Cookies, making edible dreidels, and other projects. I would love to hear your favorite Hanukkah ideas for littles! Share below in the comments!

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