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Ahhh, here we are again with another update! Last update (you can read it HERE) I was stuck on a plateau. We evaluated what was going on and made some changes… the Plateau lasted about 6 or 7 weeks. It was discouraging! But I stuck with it and finally started losing again. So where am I at with my Postpartum weight loss journey?

The Weigh In

This week I weighed in at 227 pounds! I am very excited! I have lost a total of 45 pounds in 16 weeks! That is an average of 2.8# per week. I have seen my body starting to slow down with weight loss, but I have also been seeing other changes- non scale victories as they are often called.

The Non-Scale Victories

During the last six weeks I have noticed several differences. Certain shirts and jeans feel slightly looser. After a shower I can wrap a towel without it immediately falling to the floor! I also measured and found that I have lost an inch around my waist, hips, and butt! It is very exciting to see the non-scale victories especially on the weeks when the scale doesn’t move!

The Evaluation

Here I am six weeks later. This blog is definitely helping me to keep track and stay motivated! I plan to use the same evaluation questions as last time.

  • Has anything changed in my diet? Yes… I removed the whey powder and replaced it with a keto collagen powder. I only use this a few times each week. Also diet wise, this week is Hanukkah- lots of fried foods and sweets. I am trying to exercise self control and allow myself some indulgences but within reason!
  • Has anything changed in my exercise? Yes… walking has stopped because of the cold winter weather (can’t take baby out for a walk in the cold and wind). He also hasn’t been cooperating with my lengthy workouts so I have had to start doing more short burst/HIIT workouts. You can read about my new routine HERE.
  • Has anything changed in my sleep? I have been napping for an hour or so once or twice each week. I still don’t get as much sleep as I would like but that is life with littles! I think I tend to get 7-8 hours of interrupted sleep (generally up 1 to 3 times with baby).
  • Has anything changed in my stress? about the same… several high-stress situations in family life, but not a whole lot I can do about them. I have been practicing mindful breathing and other stress management techniques which I discuss HERE.
  • Has anything changed in my Breastfeeding? NOPE! I continue to have had a good an plenteous supply! Baby has two teeth now which makes it a bit more painful at times but it is going well overall!
  • Has anything changed in my body? Yes! I have seen an overall loss of an inch! Yay!

The Revised Plan

So what is the revised plan? Keep on keeping on! I am hoping that baby will get back onto a better nap schedule which will allow me to workout more, but if not I will stick with my HIIT workouts. I am going to try to be good throughout the Hanukkah season and not eat too many latkes or donuts! It won’t be easy but I am hoping to lose a few more pounds and be under 220 by 20 weeks post partum… I think I can do it, but I know it will take dedication and work!

The Take-away

Postpartum weight loss is still not easy. I am working so hard to do my best with getting healthy and in shape… but it surely is a struggle! I am trying to be a bit more gracious with myself on my journey… but I don’t want that to excuse laziness! Only 77 more pounds to my goal weight of 150! One day at a time I will get there!